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Collective noun for dancers: troupe.

A group of dancers is called a troupe. Two major variations on tap dance exist:.

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A troupe of dancers organized an extremely impressive musical.

. Côté, de [duh koh-TAY]. troupe: 1 n an organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical) Synonyms: company Types: show 8 types.


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Two people who perform together, especially two comedians, are called a double act. .

For example, a member of the corps de ballet may be promoted to soloist if he/she has worked really hard.


. These are kinds of group dance where the dancers form couples and dance either the same choreographed or called routines or routines within a common choreography—routines that control both how each couple dances together and how each couple.

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There are many different types of dance companies, often working in different styles of dance.
Call out the numbers for dancers that made it to the next round.



. . A dance crew is a group of dancers who perform together as a collective under a group name in a more informal agreement than an official dance company.

For example, a group of "Versailles" or "Albion", "Brazilian carnival" or "Pyramid of Cheops". Dance, like all art, is subjective. The collective noun for dancers is a troupe. This term is also understood as a rank inside a ballet company. Enter a Crossword Clue. So what is the correct terminology to call a person or a group of people that play with fire toys? If you want to book a fire thingy person then this article will help you to choose.


The Crossword Solver found 30 answers to "group of dancers", 13 letters crossword clue. The collective noun for dancers is troupe.


An ensemble is a group of musicians, dancers, or actors who perform together, like an ensemble which has been playing music together for several years.


Aug 20, 2020 · Then we can use the word troupe to describe these dancers.