Apr 20, 2023 · Download the Luna reading tracker app and start tracking your books and reading habits. Daily Reading Assistant helps you track your Bible reading chapter by chapter.

After your FREE 7-day trial, your subscription amount will be charged to your iTunes Account.


• Search/browse books by. . You can add books to your personal to-read list, create custom reading goals and check the charts to see how you've been doing! You can search through the books database and find your favorites.

The iOS 17 update that Apple plans to announce in June will include a dedicated journaling app, reports Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

. The Ultimate Reading Tracking Spreadsheet (with reading database, TBR list, and automatic stats and charts); 2022 Reading Tracker (for if you prefer to track your reading year-by-year, and want to set and see progress toward your yearly reading goal). .

What You’ll Receive When You Purchase the Reading Tracker. Whether you are reading text books or novels, you can add the book using the search feature that auto.

The app encourages users to provide information about their menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancy as well as to import their data from other apps.

May 18, 2023 · FTC alleges Premom fertility app shared sensitive health data.

99 billed monthly. Oct 5, 2021 · For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, Basmo is a new little reading tracker app that markets itself as “a smarter way to read.

. If you like to read plenty of books from different places, Book Tracker can be a useful app to track what you’re reading.

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Jot down notes and highlights while you read, and actually review them with Daily Reviews and spaced repetition quizzes.

All the reading tracking apps below are free.


. Add books, e-books or audiobooks to your bookshelf. Reading Tracker Apps.

Remember. Track your reading time and reading habit, organize your books, create reading lists and improve your reading statistics! - Add all the epic books and good reads you've discovered during the years to. . . Subscribers of ChatGPT Plus — available for $20 a month — can use a more powerful version of the chatbot based on a technology called GPT-4.

OpenAI began rolling.

Reading charts and graphs. Basmo turns it into a superpower.


Mar 4, 2019 · And, it’s free! Available for iOS and Android.

Add private notes and reviews for the books you've read, and revisit them later.


The Bookly app has tons of cool features to get you into a reading routine that will work for you, to crush all your goals.